Under starry skies and amidst whispering woods we developed Dunn Perk Manor in Himachal Pradesh. Dunn Perk brings to the senses the simple and eloquent language of think space. It's a quite property in the outskirts of Barog town in Village Koro en route to Shimla. These slope provide a serene view of the hills of Kasauli and Dakshai.

Dunn Perk Manor, only an hour long drive from Chandigarh is easily connected by road, air, rail and bus services. There are frequent flights in and out from Chandigarh airport, thus connecting Barog to major Indian cities.

Barog, offers gorgeous views, freshest of air, pure mountain water and a simple mountain attitude. Come - read, bike, eat good healthy food, meditate and free yourself little by little. We have a passion of sharing this rich beauty with a discerning few, the slopes of the lower Himalayas await.