Directions to DPM

Take nh8 on the GT Road to Simla, by pass Chandigarh and continue on the main Highway inland uphill Himachal,
Key appoints along the way.
Timber trail,
Then Jabli
Then Dharampur
And then Kumar Hatti.

On the Kumar Hatti Junction there are 4 roads,
Continue on the road to the Extreme Left also known as the old Solan road going to Barog
1 km from the climb of kumar hatti there's a sign on the left saying Dunn Perk manor its on a bend so please keep an eye out,
this road is also known as the Koro Kainthardi road.
take this road for approx. half a KM
youll see the property on your right
a white building with the sign Dunn Perk Manor

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