Walks around the hood
Off road dirt biking
There is a choice friendly selection in our Library bar, From Salman Rushdie’s selected works to books for dummies. The liberarys view is spectaculer and opens to the valley leading to Dakshai Coffee machine or fruit cocktails are a mention away.
There are wonderful Short to Long, gradual to adventures walking paths around Koro Village. WALKING distance from Dunn perk
There are also a variety of biking tracks, tarmack or off road type
Our in house chef offers a menu thats founded upon healthy and farm fresh ingredients. Varying from Muglai to Himachali Sounth Indian, Italian and European cuisine
Gym with all facilities of - free weights and overall body management units.

Wet Area
steam and sauna available.
The gaming area consists of board and electronic games And a pool table
My staff being local, know little secrets of Barog.
Great sights to shoot pictures and some amazing locations to picnic at.
We provide a fun picnic with sandwiches or vegetarian or non vegetarian platters and a bottle of wine or juices of your choice, for a healthy for the mind and soul picnic session J location courtesy “the Himalayan drama company”.